Ray W

I’ve bought 7 boats from Stuart Jackson and the R Marine Jacksons Team over the years.  I started with a Riv 33 and I now own a Riviera 645 SUV.

I could not be happier with the Riviera Motor Yachts I’ve purchased.  The build is world class, the boats are luxurious, the timberwork is stunning and they are the best blue water boats I’ve owned.

Riviera boats are perfect for cruising, fishing and entertaining.  We’ve been all over Australia in our Rivieras including the Whitsundays and we’ve even circumnavigated Tasmania.  Several times over the years we have cruised aboard the Riviera to our destination then flown our family and grandchildren in to come and stay onboard.  It’s magical to be able to introduce them to the Riviera lifestyle.

No matter how far afield we travel on the boat, we are secure in the knowledge that Riviera service is available all over Australia via the R Marine network.  One phone call to R Marine Jacksons and any service or repairs required are taken care of.

I highly recommend R Marine Jacksons.