Customer Service means finding the best solution for each customer, quickly, correctly, and with a helpful attitude and this is how we operate at R Marine Jacksons, whether it be for before the sale or after the sale.

We work with an easy purchasing philosophy of no pressure selling and we explain the sales process to all so everyone is comfortable with the decsions being made. We are an Accredited Boating Industry Of Victoria member with access to finance, insurance and the knowledge to make boating easy.

After the sale ;we offer a full handover service on all  New & Used boats with tutition of the vessel along with basic berthing & driving lessons so that you are comfortable to enjoy your boat immediately.

We endeavour to be the “one stop shop” for all your spare parts and servicing needs for your boat. We stock and carry a large range of Spare parts from the Riviera genuine spare parts and generic spare parts for all brands along with some engine spares.

We have over 50 years of experience in the marine industry and in that time we have built up a network of contractors that are the experts in their fields. So we invite to lean on us for any servicing and spare part enquiries, servicing  or boat maintenance schedule packages.

We offer annual tailor made service packages to your requirements and take care of the annual boat maintenance schedules by arranging – pick up, travel lift, hard stands, servicing ,anti foul, polishing and return packages to all boat owners.

We have available to us at the Sandringham Yacht Club; a 40 tonne travel lift, a hard stand storage yard and marina berths for any servicing requirements.

Please call 03 9598 7777 or e-mail us for details and see how R Marine Jacksons can take the hassle out of boating.