SaniGard - Holding Tank Filter

28 January 2014

Get rid of those bad holding tank smells with Sanigard Holding Tank Filters!

Easy to install the Sanigard Odor Absorption filter will eliminate any bad smells, leaving your boat smelling pleasant, and your guests comfortable.

While newer style vent filters from other manufacturers have been recently developed, none have proven to be more effective at malodorous gas absorption than the original SeaLand SaniGard vent filter.

Our finely-calibrated filter media remove the source of offensive odors from vent lines over 2.4 times better than the closest-rated competitive filter.

The SaniGard vent filter is available in the following fitting sizes: 0.0625 in. (16 mm), 0.75 in. (19 mm), 1.0 in. (25 mm), and 1.50 in. (38 mm). It is available with mounting bracket and hardware.

  • Stops vent odors – keeps boat smelling pleasant for an entire boating season.
  • Range of sizes include fittings, brackets and hardware for easy installation.
  • Replacement cartridges available.

Suits all Riviera Boats.

Question: Why change your filter?

Answer: By changing your holding tank filter every 12 months will stop any bad toilet smells from spouling your day out on the water family and friends.

Question: If your filter does not last 12 months.

Answer: If your holding tank filter does not last 12 months, this is probably due the holding tank not being emptied enough duing the year.  If the holding tank over fills the waste will go up the breather hose and wet the inside of the filter causing unplesant smells. Once wet the filter will need replacing.
Good practice is not to let your holding tank go over 3/4 full.

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