Rainman portable Desalination and watermakers

6 May 2015

Demand for fresh water on boats has increased dramatically in recent decades. Having a desalination system provides independence and flexibility in your holiday planning.
Rainman Desalination has developed the world's first simple, low maintenance, and inexpensive water maker that doesn't need to be installed on your boat. Rainman Desalination is available in electric & petrol.

The advantages of this system are:
•    Makes up to 140 LPH
•    Cost effective
•    Can be set up anywhere on your boat or installed permanently
•    Can act as a backup to larger systems
•    Due to it being portable, it can be stowed away or share amongst friends or follow boaters
For information contact:
GO RV Marine. 1800 761 159   Australia wide!
Rainman Desalination can be found at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in Pavilion (A) Stand 67.



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